Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I hope the title goes here!

So here it is. My very first post on my very first blog. I must say, I am extremely excited to get my Personal Learning Network up and running. I am still a little unsure of what exactly I am doing, as it feels like I am just signing my life away to websites I know very little of (Jason Whitney -- I am sure there is a lot more to it than that.)

I have always wanted to create a blog but just needed a little push to do so (story of my life.) So thank you LLED 420 for giving me that push. While I sit at my computer I am contemplating what exactly I plan on writing about to make the future of this blog successful. My friend KSal keeps walking in and asking me the same question. She wants to know how "open" this blog can be and if I can include my social life in it. She may or may not be a little jealous that I have a blog now, while she remains blogless (is that a word?)

Hopefully this blog can be flexible and open, because it really does feel good to just write what I am thinking. I spend too much of my day in my head and being able to let everything (well maybe not everything) out, seems refreshing. I do plan on sharing links to my youtube videos (I need at least one plug) so hopefully things like that are allowed.

Like I said earlier, I am a little unsure of what I am doing regarding this PLN. I have followed the step by step instructions and have made a Wikispace, Brightfuse, Linkedin, and *welling up as I prepare to write this*: Twitter account. Now here's my deal with Twitter. A couple of months ago, I surrendered to the Twitter craze and decided to sign up. After all, I was a late Facebook bloomer and after much persuading from friends, became addicted. With some hope that I might have the same reaction, I tried it. Besides being utterly confused with all of the tweeting and following, I just did not see the point. I made it as far as "following" Justin Timberlake, Ryan Seacrest, and one friend from Penn State and sharing one very pathetic post or "tweet." After a couple of days the e-mails from Twitter flooded my inbox and I decided I had had enough. I went to delete my account and after being threatened by the Twitter Police that I could never sign up for Twitter again under my e-mail address, I made my final decision. I thought to myself, "WELL GOOD! I WOULD NEVER TRY TO SIGN UP FOR THIS STUPID SITE AGAIN ANYWAY!"

..and then I took LLED420.

Thinking I could trick the system, I attempted to re-sign up with my e-mail address only to find the Twitter Police back again. I then had to create a new e-mail address on Yahoo, and sign up that way. A lot of work for a site that I "strongly dislike." But I will try to be optimistic and pretend to care that my Aunt just walked her dog, and that Justin Bieber loves his life. Who knows maybe this whole Twitter thing isn't so bad.

I think that's it for now, I must continue signing my life away.